"This is the bullshit I'm WRITING about"

  • Dear "officers of the law"

    Seems like the level of respect for police officers is decreasing more and more by the second. Now, when you first think of this, you may have sympathy for the men and women that wear a "shield". I use to believe that, UNTIL I started to notice the level of DISRESPECT, for citizens, BY THE POLICE, has INCREASED! Between crooked cops, racist cops, and cops that KNOW their collegues are dirty, yet look the other way, it's becoming harder for me to hold these "servants of the community" in high regard.

    When I see cops in the street, wearing "I can breath" shirts, mocking Mike Brown's memorial AND turning their backs on the MAYOR (their leader, by the way), it makes me wonder how much admiration WE should have for these "peace" officers. When you take an oath to "protect and serve", you should do just that, not hide behind the "blue wall" that allows you to hurt, brutalize and kill the people who should feel safe around you. And I realize not every cop is bad but if you are one of the good ones, then you should do what you can to uphold that standard of nobility that comes with risking your life to protect others. If you are allowing these bad apples to ruin the reputation you want us to respect, then YOU should speak up, let the fucked up cops know you are doing more than just collecting a pension.